Snapped pencil through stress

5 Behaviours That Show You Are Stressed

Stress is something that can creep up unnoticed. It’s often other people who notice your stress before you do. I’m not talking about the ‘bad day at the office’, but the stress that has built to the point where you aren’t quite coping. The kind of stress that’s been around long enough to change your behaviours. Here are 5 common behaviours that show you are stressed. Procrastinating We all procrastinate from time to time. It’s Read more…

reappraise life
Personal development

Do you need pain to reappraise life?

I’ve been wondering if you have to have a major event in your life before you want to see what is truly important to you. When I meet people who seem to have their priorities straight, who don’t get overwhelmed by busyness and who are happy with who they are, I like to ask their secret. I refer to these people as ‘sorted’, they have sorted out what is important in their lives and are Read more…

little stresses in the road

How to stop the little stresses from causing you major stress

Little stresses, if left unchecked, can add up to major stress. How do we spot the little stresses in enough time to do something about them? Why do some people cope with busyness? Think of someone who is under pressure to complete a work project? As you know, some people cope well whilst others seem to suffer. Some people are resilient whilst others are not. In the case of the busy person at work, what Read more…

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Denying the effect of stress

Have you ever met someone who openly admits they are stressed? We all have, we’ve often said it ourselves. There is a difference between saying you are stressed and admitting to yourself, and others, how much it is affecting you. Sure, we will sometimes use it as a reason for being short tempered or unfocussed, but often we hide the full extent of our suffering even from ourselves. Is someone close to you worried? Has Read more…

action plan big picture

Action Plans: The Big Picture

After most coaching sessions my clients leave with an Action Plan. Why do I call it an Action Plan and not a task list? What’s the difference? Task Lists are one dimensional If you have a task list, think about the types of things that appear in that list. What do they all have in common? “Phone Dad, buy birthday present, book car service, create report, reply to Sarah” are all tasks. You can work Read more…

stress and overwhelm on the hamster wheel

When Productivity Makes Things Worse

Productivity Tips The internet and bookshops are full of information on how to be more productive. There are tips on how to construct your task lists, how to manage your emails, how to create time and how to model yourself on really busy people. Just like skinning a cat, there’s a lot more than just one way. If you read some of my older blogs you’ll see my version of how to get more done. Read more…

feel success
Personal development

Choose How You Feel Success

How do you feel success? What does success mean to you? It means different things to different people although the OED only has two different definitions. 1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose 2. The attainment of fame, wealth or social status. The first one is fairly straightforward. It suggests that you’ve set a goal and you’ve reached it. We can, therefore, experience success in many small things that we purposely set out to Read more…

Coaching helps workplace stress

3 Ways Coaching helps Workplace Stress

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are frequently provided by good employers to help with workplace stress, offering counselling for stressed employees. Some employers (and employees) still think that there is a stigma attached to counselling. Coaching has a more positive association though. Coaching for workplace stress takes one of three forms: Tackling perceptions and coping mechanisms for the stressed individual Coaching to uncover organisational stresses Skills coaching to help minimise stress points I’ll give a brief Read more…

overwhelmed with choice

Why Do You Get Overwhelmed With Choice

Choice is a good thing. We love having choices, so why do you get overwhelmed with choice? Having too many choices will result in decision fatigue. This can overwhelm us and we become stuck. Choice and Control Choice is related to control. We need to be in control of our lives to feel fulfilled and at peace.If you have no control you eventually end up stressed, and in a place you didn’t plan to be Read more…