Helping Owners Take the Stress Out of Running a Business

Is this familiar?

You have built a successful business, employing people who share your values. You’ve been great at growing the business, but recently it feels as if the sands are shifting under your feet.

There’s lots going on, you are worried about peaks and troughs, managing all the work efficiently, the cashflow and parts of the business that are not operating smoothly.

There are so many things you need to do. You feel driven by external events and problems your team are facing. You’re struggling to keep your focus on the things you need to work on. Your team is unable to focus on medium to long term business priorities. You are wondering how to bring stability and get onto a firm footing for the future.

It feels as if it’s all down to you to keep the business performing well.

That’s where I can help . . .

Donald - Life and Executive Coach

As someone who naturally took on responsibility for everything, and got overwhelmed, I’ve had to learn how to make space for myself to plan a sustainable way forward. This is what I have helped others learn, helping them become more successful and less stressed.

It’s a philosophy and way of working that many successful business owners employ.

If you’d like to learn simple, practical ways to regain focus and energy, whilst developing a team around you, then there is a way to work with me.


Working collaboratively, we will spend time looking at your individual stresses and strains. We will tailor the steps you can take to move from chaos to stability, and then into flow.

We will focus on your business work, but also look at how it affects your life and how your wider life affects your business.

Read more about the three pillars of a stress free business.

Based in Whitstable, near Canterbury, I offer telephone and video coaching.

Join here for tips, articles and opportunities to work with me.

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