I Help My Clients Achieve More Than They Thought Possible

Donald - Life and Executive Coach

Hello! I’m Donald and I am an expert at helping successful people make the next big leap. As a student of human behaviour I have examined how, and why, people hold themselves back from achieving even greater success.

I recognise that success is subjective; each of us has a different picture of success. This picture is often formed in our early life and career, and has a major influence on how we feel about ourselves, and the lives we lead. Recently, social media and marketing messages have added to the pressure we feel about the success of others compared to ourselves.

Tiny changes in the way we think of ourselves, our success, and our limitations, play a hugely significant role in how successful we are. I have seen how wonderfully powerful those small changes are.

Coaching has an incredibly powerful impact. I help my clients make those small shifts that make the huge difference.

For many years, in my own life and career, I felt powerless. Outwardly, I appeared confident and in control of myself and my life. Inside, I felt that others were better than me, could achieve more than me, even when, by any conventional measure, I was successful myself.

An opportunity arose to study coaching in-depth. I studied psychological coaching, cognitive behavioural coaching, performance coaching, stress management, problem focused counseling and coaching with the Centre for Coaching, guided by Professor Stephen Palmer. This has helped me develop in a style of coaching known as collaborative guided discovery. I don’t offer answers directly but help you to draw your own conclusions and answers. It’s a model I strongly believe helps you make rational decisions during coaching and beyond.

My early coaching training started me on a journey of self discovery and learning. By identifying the gremlins that were holding me back, and making tiny shifts in my beliefs, I developed beyond my earlier perceived limitations. This has helped me to become highly skilled at seeing where my clients are holding themselves back, and where they are powerful, even when they don’t feel it themselves.

I believe that my clients deserve to live their lives in full flow, without overwhelm, self-limitations and fear getting in their way.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore whether working together is a good fit.