I Help My Clients Achieve More Than They Thought Possible

I qualified as a Cognitive Behavioural Coach over 10 years ago and have enjoyed working with business owners ever since.

Donald - Life and Executive Coach

My background, prior to setting out on my new passion, was as an Engineering Manager in industry. In a career stretching over 20 years, managing staff and setting priorities became my main focus, rather than technical issues. As a result, I started using a coaching approach to help others develop.

During my years in the corporate world, I found myself in highly stressful roles which became increasingly demanding.

Therefore I realised that I needed to learn a fresh approach to:

  • Managing high workload
  • Setting goals and targets
  • Managing priorities
  • Managing staff and their workload

This encouraged me to formalise my coaching skills.

I also applied the productivity and efficiency knowledge I gained in my industry background to personal productivity. Many of these techniques are very useful for business owners who are feeling overwhelmed.

Now the work I was doing made sense.

This enabled me to start sharing the techniques with other people. After a while, I started working outside of the corporate world, with business owners.

I work with owners and directors of UK SMEs that employ 10-100 people.

My goal is to help you find a stress-free way to increase the enjoyment and profitability of your business.

Working with the owner as an individual, a whole human being, brings skills to the one person who can make the biggest difference in an SME, the owner.

An SME business owner can make changes that have an immediate and enormous benefit to the whole company.

Developing an understanding of the world of the SME business owner has been important for my work. The owner’s life is normally dominated by the business. So it’s not about getting a work/life balance.

Above all, it’s about understanding what success in life and business looks like, for you.

Business owners who understand the importance of caring for themselves, and their employees, as part of caring for their business, have the most success.

I have been lucky enough to be trained and mentored by some of the leading names in the field of coaching. This includes world renowned psychologist and founder of The Centre for Stress Management, Professor Stephen Palmer PhD CPsychol, and the international career coach Marianne Craig MCC. As a result, my coaching and management experience brings a wealth of resources to the SME business owners I work with.

Check out my LinkedIn profile to connect and see more of my background, training and what I’m up to.