If you are reading this then you understand that there is a way to run your business in a less stressful way, but you don’t know how to make this happen.

You know there is a way that will suit you more and, as a result, make your business more successful and more enjoyable than it is now.

How do you get out from under the daily feeling of overwhelm? The overwhelm that stops you planning the way to a better business. You know you need to find time to make changes to help your business flow in a more stress free way.

Taking your business leadership from overwhelm to flow is a journey.

Three Pillars of a Stress Free Business

There are three pillars critical to running a stress free business and the benefits also roll over to your life. Each pillar must be equally well built to support you and the business.



I believe the key to successful leadership is understanding your core values and how they align with your business? Aligning yourself with your core values means you don’t have the doubts that otherwise would burden you when you make decisions.

Leadership skills will come effortlessly when you, and your team, know your values and believe in your business.

Learn, and practice the skills of leading people. Learn how to have meaningful, calm conversations with your team so that they align to working for your goals.



Productivity is the way to get more done, saving time and effort. There are lots of systems around, but I like to work with you by sharing simple tools and methodologies that will work for you.

I will share some quick to implement habits that will make a huge difference to how you manage your workload. The tools will also help you manage your team’s workload, knowing what they are doing for you, and the business.

The result: stress free control of all the tasks and projects you want to deliver.

Self Care

It is important to recognise the value of self-care, and build it into the way you live and work.

We will work together to identify which types of activities deplete your energies and make sure you find which ones recharge them. We will uncover the common threads and plan ways for you to look after yourself, that work for you.

I liken this to spending time sharpening your tools so that you can work with them effectively, meaning you will have the energy and enthusiasm to drive the business.

What does the work look like?

We start by understanding which of the three critical areas needs attention first and work to bring it up to the level of the others. As time progresses we move to a balanced approach to developing all three skills. Working on the individual skills, in turn, helps you spiral upwards in a manner that keeps you in balance as you move the business and your life towards a stress free way of living and working.

We will work together weekly, via video link, to target the area(s) that bring most benefit to you.

On a practical front, I will give you a link to an online meeting space which is reserved for you. You can join this meeting space using your laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere you have a reliable internet connection. We will meet in this space whenever we work together.

Additional support

Additional support between sessions is free. You will benefit from being able to arrange additional quick calls, or even short online meetings. These are particularly useful when you feel stuck or have to deal with a time critical issue. There is no additional charge for this support.

For those times where the hour is antisocial, or a call is not practical, then drop me an email.

All of this for £950 per month.