Your Peaceful, Powerful Self is a guided visualisation to help you tune in to your inner self.

Find a quiet place, put your earphones in and take a short journey to meet your peaceful, powerful self. I will talk you through a set questions for them. They will help you understand what is getting in your way, what strengths you will need and those you already have to support you as you move forwards.

Each time you follow the visualisation you will get closer to your peaceful powerful self and the answers you receive reflect this. I recommend you make listening to this visualisation a regular habit.

This visualisation is a 15 minute mp3.

Free Downloads

Simple Relaxation Imagery

This is a simple step by step relaxation technique using an image of a favourite place. Easy to learn and use anywhere to help you relax.

Download Relaxation Imagery – Free

Action Plan Template

This is one of the blank action plans I use with clients. It’s not just task based but also serves as a prompt for some of the new thinking styles or behaviours you want to practice.

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